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Food Truck NameCertificate #Certificate Issue DateCertificate StatusPropaneLine Leak TestHood SuppressionHood Inspection Date
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Angie Burger (Covered in Bacon) 690 8/18/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes3/15/2023Yes3/15/2023
Balkan Treat Box 709 8/11/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes4/7/2023Yes4/5/2023
BANDANA'S BAR-B-Q 642 4/18/2023IssuedYes4/4/2023Yes9/6/2023
Bash Food Trailer 651 5/5/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
BEAST Craft BBQ Co. 663 5/23/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Blues Fired Pizza - Truck #2 #513 3/23/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Blues Fired Pizza - Truck #3 #514 3/23/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Bootheel Boyz LLC 743 9/21/2023IssuedYes9/14/2023Yes9/14/2023
Bougie Bites 611 2/15/2023ExpiredYes1/30/2024Yes1/30/2024
Brazil Express 658 5/10/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes5/5/2023Yes5/2/2023
Breaktime catering 615 3/1/2023SuspendedYes10/21/2022Yes10/21/2022
Buzz's Hawaiian Grill 679 6/22/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/20/2023Yes6/20/2023
Cajun Seduction 639 4/10/2023IssuedYes3/22/2023Yes9/21/2023
Cedar Mediterranean 672 6/1/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes5/5/2023Yes5/5/2023
Central State Sandwiches Food Trailer 680 7/12/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes7/12/2023Yes5/30/2023
Cha Cha Chow 630 4/6/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes3/15/2023Yes3/15/2023
CinnaCrush Grille Food Truck #665 6/20/2023IssuedYes6/2/2023Yes1/11/2024
Clara B's Kitchen Table 717 9/8/2023IssuedYes9/8/2023Yes9/5/2023
CluckOinkMooSliders #603 6/14/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes3/7/2023Yes3/7/2023
Coffee Culture Truck 681 7/14/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Cousins Maine Lobster 612 2/15/2023ExpiredYes1/19/2024Yes10/16/2023
Dessert Road coffee & sweets 628 4/3/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Destination Desserts 699 6/29/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
District 8 735 1/8/2024IssuedYes1/2/2024Yes1/2/2024
Doggie Mac's (The Truck Stop) 712 8/26/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/27/2023Yes6/27/2023
Doughboy's Wood Fired Pizza 657
Duchess Rose - Royal Street Food - ( FOOD TRUCK ) 635 5/2/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes4/25/2023Yes4/25/2023
Dynamic Dishes #678 6/22/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/22/2023Yes6/22/2023
El Toro Loco STL LLC 719 8/15/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes8/1/2023Yes7/28/2023
Falafal Saha 702 7/26/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes7/19/2023Yes6/15/2023
Farmtruk # 1 617 3/29/2023IssuedYes3/17/2023Yes9/19/2023
Farmtruk #2 710 8/17/2023IssuedYes3/17/2023Yes9/19/2023
Finger Lickin Good 613 2/16/2023ExpiredYes2/15/2023Yes2/14/2023
Fire and Ice Cream Truck 689 7/10/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Five Aces Food Truck 637
Food for Thought Food Truck - County Only 682 7/17/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes7/12/2023Yes7/12/2023
FUFU n SAUCE LLC 732 11/27/2023IssuedYes5/3/2023Yes11/10/2023
G burrito 644
G-BURRITO LLC PendingPendingNoN/ANoN/A
Go Gyro Go 627 3/29/2023IssuedYes3/17/2023Yes9/19/2023
Good Eatin' Food Trailer 715 9/8/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes8/23/2023Yes7/7/2023
Grace Chicken + Fish 724 10/12/2023IssuedYes8/22/2023Yes9/28/2023
Guido's Mississippi BBQ 667 6/12/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/6/2023Yes5/26/2023
Hark Grill Food Trailer 638 7/21/2023IssuedYes7/12/2023Yes1/30/2024
Hog Call Barbeque 650 5/1/2023IssuedYes4/26/2023Yes10/11/2023
Hola! Let’s Birria 706 8/2/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes8/1/2023Yes8/1/2023
Holy Crepe! Truck 703 7/31/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Homestyle Grill Food Truck 614
Honey Bee's 631
Jaaise Grubb 700 6/28/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/14/2023Yes6/14/2023
Jiveturkeyllc 634 5/1/2023IssuedYes4/26/2023Yes2/7/2024
Juicemasters, LLC 701 7/13/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
JustFood Truck PendingPendingYes12/21/2023Yes10/3/2023
Kalifornia Cuisine 670 6/6/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes5/22/2023Yes5/22/2023
Kernel Cobbs Kettle Corn - FOOD TRAILER 636 5/4/2023IssuedYes4/26/2023NoN/A
Kona Ice of Arnold 704
LeMermaid LLC 736 1/10/2024IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Living Millennially 800 8/8/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Lumpy Mash Potato 714 9/7/2023IssuedYes9/7/2023Yes9/1/2023
Mission Taco Truck #2 616 3/7/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Momo King 730
Mositos LLC 744 9/13/2023IssuedYes9/13/2023NoN/A
Mr Papas 2 Go 669 6/8/2023IssuedYes6/6/2023Yes11/13/2023
Mr. Noodle 655 5/8/2023IssuedYes4/28/2023Yes2/1/2024
MuffyBGoods LLC 674 5/24/2023Suspended: Hood LateNoN/AYes4/10/2023
New York Tom's Food Truck 626 3/29/2023IssuedYes3/17/2023Yes9/19/2023
One Dish Wonders Food Truck 683 7/18/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Pappy’s Smokehouse 671 6/1/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
PengWingy shaved ice & Grill 708 8/10/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Pete's Pops 661 5/15/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Picture Perfect "PANINI" Food Truck 725 10/27/2023IssuedNoN/AYes12/12/2023
PIZZA HEAD Food Truck 673 5/31/2023IssuedYes5/24/2023NoN/A
Poptimism (by Whisk) #688 7/10/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Pure Catering STL - Food Truck 721 8/29/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes5/26/2023Yes5/19/2023
Roxy's Hot Grill 707 8/7/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes8/8/2023Yes8/8/2023
S'more Shack Trailer 2 PendingPendingNoN/ANoN/A
Sando Shack #601 4/18/2023IssuedYes4/5/2023Yes9/21/2023
Scoops & More 727 10/27/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Seoul Taco 734 1/2/2024IssuedYes10/5/2023Yes10/5/2023
SNSGOODIES 677 6/6/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/6/2023Yes6/6/2023
Soulcial Smash / Bien Papi Eats 720 8/11/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes7/13/2023Yes7/13/2023
St. Louis Kettle Corn 711 8/21/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
St. Louis kettle Corn 729 11/13/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
STL Thallu Vandi LLC 662 5/19/2023IssuedYes5/16/2023Yes11/9/2023
Street Chef Curbside Catering 649 5/25/2023IssuedYes4/26/2023Yes10/23/2023
SUGAREE SHAVED ICE 641 4/13/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Super Smokers BBQ # 2 645 4/28/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes4/18/2023Yes4/18/2023
Super Smokers BBQ # 1 643 4/27/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes4/18/2023Yes4/18/2023
Tacos Bravos 623 2/17/2023ExpiredYes2/16/2023Yes1/26/2024
Tacos Bravos 741 2/15/2024IssuedYes1/26/2024Yes1/26/2024
Tacos4Life 733 12/28/2023IssuedYes12/23/2023Yes12/22/2023
Takozz 676 6/5/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes5/17/2023Yes5/17/2023
Taste Buds Food Trailer 659 5/11/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes5/10/2023Yes5/10/2023
The Crooked Boot 647 5/5/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes4/28/2023Yes5/1/2023
The Food Truck LLC 633 6/16/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/15/2023Yes6/13/2023
The Little Busy B Food Trailer 684 7/21/2023IssuedYes7/6/2023Yes1/17/2024
The MOObile #685 6/30/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes6/30/2023Yes6/30/2023
THE S’MORE SHACK TRAILER 1 726 10/27/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
The Speedway Eatery 737 1/12/2024IssuedYes10/26/2023Yes10/26/2023
The Spud Shack 629 4/4/2023IssuedYes3/7/2023Yes9/14/2023
The Sweet Side 713 9/6/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
This N' That Eatery, LLC 687 7/5/2023IssuedYes6/27/2023Yes12/13/2023
Travelin Tom's Coffee Truck 624 2/17/2023ExpiredNoN/ANoN/A
TreauX's Cajun BBQ 660 5/15/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Tropical Pot LLC food trailer 728 11/6/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Truck Norris 656 5/9/2023IssuedYes2/14/2024Yes2/14/2024
Truck-O-Soup 625 3/14/2023SuspendedYes2/22/2023NoN/A
Tuk Tuk Thai 654 5/8/2023IssuedYes4/28/2023Yes2/1/2024
UKraft Food Truck 632 6/15/2023IssuedNoN/ANoN/A
Wayno's Food Truck # 2 1999 Frieightliner 705
8/1/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes4/26/2023Yes4/15/2023
Wing and a Prayer 723 10/16/2023IssuedYes10/3/2023Yes10/3/2023
Wok And Roll STL Food Truck 618 3/14/2023Suspended: Hood LateYes3/8/2023Yes7/25/2023
Wok-O Taco 646 4/28/2023IssuedYes3/27/2023Yes2/9/2024
ZACCHI FOOD TRUCK 668 6/9/2023IssuedYes12/13/2023Yes12/13/2023
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