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How much does an inspection cost?
The cost of an application for a vacant or lawfully occupied unit is $90.00.

If a unit is unlawfully occupied at the time of inspection, then the cost is $150.00.

Multiple inspections at the same address may be purchased at a discounted rate. The initial application is $90.00 (vacant) or $150.00 (unlawfully occupied). Each additional vacant unit is $50.00.

Please note that discounts apply only to vacant units. The cost of additional occupied units is $150.00

The forms of payment accepted on this site are:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

There is a 2.55% processing fee, with a minimum of $1.55, that is added for credit cards.
The City does not receive any of these funds. Thank you for your cooperation.

As a part of this online application process, you will be scheduling the inspection at the conclusion.

The earliest your inspection may be scheduled is 3 business days from today. The latest your inspection may be scheduled is 15 days from today. If your property will not be ready for inspection within this time frame please return to this site when you are ready.

Effective October 4, 2016, Carbon Monoxide Alarms shall be installed in the following locations:

Carbon monoxide alarms shall be installed outside of each separate sleeping area, in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms, in dwelling units within which fuel-fired appliances are installed, and in dwelling units that have attached garages.


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, All Housing Conservation District (HCD) inspections whereby the unit is already occupied, WILL require interior inspections. The Building Inspector will be equipped with the proper PPE upon entering the premise and we ask that social distancing be maintained during the inspection.

Please note: you are about to complete the online application requesting an inspection of the property listed on this form. By hitting continue you agree, that should a refund be requested on this or any pending application for this property for any reason, to the City of St Louis's charge of a 25% refund processing fee.

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